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Buy Polymer Clay In Bulk

Tiny polymer clay embellishments for crafts. Each pieces is about 5mm ( A little less than 1/4" ). Color assortments include stars, flowers, pinwheels and sprinkles. Special assortments include hearts, flowers and mouse ears. Approximately 12 grams (1.5 tablespoons). Glue onto almost any surface or use as shaker filler.

buy polymer clay in bulk

This polymer clay tutorial shows you how to cook the glue and cornstarch to create a dough-like substance that will effectively dry in the air. So an air drying polymer clay. Similar to white Airdrying clay but of course far more affordable!

Looking for air-drying clay? We highly recommend Das Air dry clay, we have been using this product for over 30 years. Check out their Das White Air drying clay and their Terracotta Air drying clay version for a natural pottery feel. For larger crafts we recommend buying your air drying clay in bulk

Available in over 40 shades, FIMO soft polymer clay is easy to use for beginners, experts and children alike. The vast colour range includes many special effects like a fluorescent or metallic clay and unusual effects such as stone, making FIMO a unique and popular Polymer Clay. Whether you want to make a childs toy, an embellishment for a card or craft or jewellery, Fimo is an easy polymer clay to manipulate and model.

For doll making and fairy sculpting, we stock the specialist Fimo doll clay and Sculpey Living doll clay. Fimo Puppen doll clay and Sculpey Living doll polymer clay are available in a range of flesh tones from pale cream to ethnic brown and are favoured by OOAK baby sculptors and are the core material for amazing life-like OOAK dolls and fairies.

Sculpey Premo comes in a fabulous colour range and the shades mix easily. The clay is usable straight from the packet, but is a firmer texture than Sculpey III and FIMO and is the choice of the professionals for very fine detailed work. It is stronger than Sculpey III after baking and ideal for polymer clay jewelry, polymer clay beads, millefiori, miniatures, sculpting

Craftmill sells the newly remodelled Makins Professional Ultimate Clay Roller Machine. With sturdy chrome-plated steel construction, this machine can be used to roll all types of airdry and potters clay and is great for rolling polymer clay. Extra wide rollers with a non-stick surface and nine-thickness settings make it the preferred clay roller machine of the professionals. The clay rollers are great for blending clays, conditioning clay and creating colour blends.

To complement our range of clays, we have a vast range of polymer clay cutters. There are themed clay cutter sets for Easter, Christmas and Valentine crafts as well as individual clay cutter shapes. Our range of push moulds is also themed, around seasonal events and celebrations. Ideal for all types of airdry and polymer clays. Our clay tool sets are perfect for modelling and sculpting the polymer clays.We have both branded Sculpey varnish and fantastic own brand varnishes to complete the job.

And last but not least, you really have to respect yourself and your work. If you undersell yourself, you are not only doing a disservice to yourself but to the art of polymer clay and all the other polymer clay artists out there trying to make a living.

We have many wonderful artists that are trying hard to raise awareness for the art of polymer clay. Some of them produce work that most of us will never achieve, but we can all strive to improve. We need to support their efforts and remember to value our own work.

At PLAYCODE3, we have a growing collection of crafting supplies such as fake (not edible) polymer clay sprinkles, bingsu beads, confetti, clay crumbs, fimo, glitter, planar and more to come. We create PLAYCODE3 Exclusive Products and welcome any suggestion you may have that you would like to see in our shop.

Used to be, we could count on Michaels to put all their polymer clay on sale pretty regularly. Every few months, we'd all stock up on our favorite brands for just 99 cents a block. Unfortunately, the last few times they've only put Sculpey III on sale. If your stockpiles have gotten low while you've been waiting for the next sale on the "good stuff," here are a few options for finding good prices:

Some of the minimum orders may be easier to reach if you can go in together with a clay buddy. If you've got a local clay guild, it's not that hard to reach the $200 order Munro requires for 50% off. And splitting shipping with a friend or two makes it cheaper for everybody.

Krista - I'm glad you mentioned the hard clay. A seller (like the one you mentioned) who regularly sells clay is a good choice. Personally I also avoid ordering clay online in the hottest months of summer because I'm afraid it could get partially baked in transit (unrefrigerated trucks, hot mailboxes, etc.). So that's another thing to consider with online orders. specializes in polymer clays produced by Polyform Products Company including Sculpey, Sculpey Original, Sculpey III, Super Sculpey, Super Sculpey Firm, Super Sculpey Medium, Living Doll Clay, Premo Sculpey, Ultra Light, Eraser Clay, Liquid Sculpey, and Sculpey Souffle.

Nice material made of polymer clay, a soft ceramic material, these clay chip beads are not easy to fade or break, reliable to use for a long time, nice supplies for various jewellery making projects.DIY fun time: these flat round loose beads can be applied in DIY crafts and jewellery making-earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, anklets and other beading, lace, hat making and hair accessories, meeting your multiple needs.

To begin with, Cernit is a remarquable polymer clay on the market. Artgus Studio are importers of Cernit polymer clay. As a matter of fact, we are official distributors of this clay. In addition we distribute products from the Clay and Paint factory in Belgium. The Clay & Paint Factory.

Cernit polymer clay contains pvc and a plasticizer. However, hardening only occurs during baking. Therefore, Cernit polymer clay must be kept away from heat sources. It will start to harden around 110 C.

Renowned Artist and Teacher, Donna Kato has been dedicated to working with polymer clay since 1991. After distinguishing which characteristics of polymer clay professional artists like her needed, Kato teamed up with Van Aken Intl. in 2002 to create the first polymer clay by an artist, for artists. 041b061a72


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