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What is Both Teams to Score Bet? Those Who Know This Bet Can't Stay Away

The Both Teams to Score bet is just one of the many side bets that bookmakers offer to players, but those who know how to bet on it can easily pocket some extra cash.

Especially when seasoned bettors are waiting for the main bet in a match, they can't overlook this backup option that can turn from a joke into a real opportunity.

What is Both Teams to Score Bet? The Both Teams to Score bet, also known as BTTS, has been exploited and offered by online bookmakers to players for a long time.

True to its name, you only need to predict whether both teams will score in the match, without worrying about the win-loss result or the exact score. But first, you should understand what odds are and what types of odds exist.

What is Both Teams to soccer betting tips today What is Both Teams to Score Bet? This is the major difference that attracts the attention of both newcomers and even seasoned experts.

Basically, even if you lack experience, you can still place bets and hope for a 50/50 chance to win money at online bookmakers.

How to Read Both Teams to Score Bets? Before calculating how many people are waiting to bet on Both Teams to Score, you should learn how to read the basic rules of the bet:

1/ Betting Options There are two main betting options when betting on Both Teams to Score: Yes and No.

Yes means there will be goals scored by one or both teams.

Conversely, No means neither team will score any goals during the official playing time.

2/ Determining Win or Loss Players predict correctly about the match result will receive a reward equivalent to the betting odds set by the bookmaker.

If you predict wrong, the bookmaker will deduct the bet amount and no refund will be given unless there are special promotional programs.

3/ Canceling Bets In some situations where matches are canceled or postponed before kick-off, players' bets will retain their value until the match begins.

If the match is already in progress and is forced to stop or postpone, the bookmaker will handle it as follows:

Goals have been scored: Settle the bet as normal. No goals have been scored: Cancel the bet and refund the player. For higher winning odds, consider the most accurate soccer score prediction methods.

How to Play Both Teams to Score Bet: Types of Bets Currently, on my live betting board, soccer referee tips websites offer up to 3 types of Both Teams to Score bets:

1/ First Half Betting Players only predict goals scored in the first half (first 45 minutes) of the match.

Reading odds remains the same as usual.

However, most matches do not see goals scored in the first half, so players do not prefer this type.

2/ Second Half Betting Similarly, second half betting involves predicting goals scored in the second half (45 minutes later) of the match.

Classify bets for two teams to score Classify bets for two teams to score If there is a goal, the Yes bet wins and vice versa.

3/ Full Match Betting Finally, full match betting means you predict the course of the match within the official 90 minutes without counting extra time, overtime, or penalties.

The method of reading odds and determining results remains the same as initially stipulated.

Only those who correctly predict are paid rewards.

Calculating Both Teams to Score Bets The method of calculating earnings from Both Teams to Score bets is no different from other popular bets like Asian Handicap, European Handicap, or Over/Under.

You apply the following formula:

Winning amount = Capital x Corresponding Odds Ratio. Loss amount = Capital.

How to Play Both Teams to Score Bets Effectively? To support newbie players in easily collecting earnings from bookmakers, Ontop88 has summarized more than 10 experiences in playing Both Teams to Score bets as follows:

Matches with both teams playing an attacking style will surely have many goals scored.

The greater the difference in actual strength between the two teams, the higher the chance of winning the Yes bet.

To make accurate predictions, you should research and collect relevant information about both clubs.

Spend time studying the playing style of the top goal scorers in both teams to predict effectively.

Consider the starting line-up, game tactics, and substitute players.

Expert Betting Tips Expert Betting Tips 6. Weather conditions also significantly affect the match result.

Choose bets based on the nature of the match, such as qualifiers, semi-finals, finals, etc.

Prioritize second half betting or full match betting to increase winning opportunities.

You can follow the bookmaker's odds board to select the best odds.

Understand how to play Both Teams to Score bets and the formula for calculating rewards.

With these useful betting tips, even if you are a newcomer with wet feet, you can earn money while waiting for the main bet to start.

See more about how to bet on corner kick bets for additional options.

Other Notes on Both Teams to premium soccer tips To play skillfully without risking loss, of course, bettors must pay attention to several factors such as:

Avoid betting on both Yes-No bets.

Understand the cancellation policy of the match and the bookmaker.

All results must be decided by the referee (Acknowledged - Goal canceled).

Conclusion Both Teams to Score bets are not only simple with concise betting options but also offer high payout odds, so why not join now to collect money today.

In addition to the basic instructions on , there are many other useful betting tips and experiences you should always explore.


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