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How to Effectively Read Football Bets Online Effectively

If you want to become a professional football bettor one day, besides mastering account creation and transaction skills, you need to know how to read football odds accurately. Soccer tip can greatly enhance your understanding and strategy.

Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under are the types of football bets. Among these, the European Handicap is widely popular among players. Let's explore European Handicap betting and some important considerations!

European Handicap is a popular bet type and is loved by many. Therefore, the way to analyze and read European Handicap odds attracts a lot of interest. So, what is European Handicap betting? How to read European Handicap odds accurately and effectively? This article will help you answer these questions. Let's find out together!

How to Read Football Odds Online

For any field, once you understand it, it feels easy, but if you don’t, it seems difficult. Reading football betting odds online is similar; new players often find it challenging to understand and interpret the odds.

How to View Asian Handicap Odds This type of bet differs from the European Handicap as Asian Handicap betting only offers bets on the stronger team (favorites) or the weaker team (underdogs) without a draw option. You can only bet on one of the two teams.The stronger team (favorites) will give a certain number of goal advantages to the weaker team (underdogs), which is called the handicap rate. Asian Handicap has several different handicap rates such as:

Level Ball - Handicap 0 Also known as a draw handicap, this rate means neither team is giving a handicap. Therefore, if the match ends in a draw, the player neither wins nor loses, and the bookmaker will return the bet amount. Conversely, if one team wins, betting on the winning team will yield a payout.

What is European Handicap Betting?

European Handicap, also known by many reputable bookmakers and players as 1X2 or Win-Draw-Loss betting, consists of only three betting options: win, lose, or draw. It aims to determine which team is stronger and which is weaker. Unlike Asian Handicap and Over/Under betting, which require extensive research, European Handicap betting is simple. However, it still requires some calculations to achieve the highest winning potential.

For this bet type, players can earn high payouts for unexpected match outcomes. Its appeal also lies in its straightforward gameplay. For example, if two teams have a vast difference in strength and you see an opportunity for the weaker team to win, the profit can range from five times to several dozen times the initial stake. Utilizing tips free can help you identify these opportunities and make more informed bets.

How to Calculate European Football Odds

Important Symbols and Terms to Know

Before diving into how to read European odds, players need to understand the information displayed for this type of bet on the bookmaker's odds board. Here are the key symbols you need to be familiar with:

Similar to other main types of bets, European odds are divided into full-time and first-half odds and are abbreviated as follows:

1X2 (Full-time 1X2): European odds for the full match.

1X2 (First Half 1X2): European odds for the first half.

Additionally, depending on the match, there may be European odds for the first 10 minutes, the first 15 minutes, and the second half.

Note: European odds only consider the results during regular time (90 minutes + injury time) and do not include extra time.

Symbols for the Three Betting Options: Win – Draw – Lose

1: Home Team - You win this bet if the home team wins the match.

X: Draw - You win this bet if the match ends in a draw.

2: Away Team - You win this bet if the away team wins the match.

How to Read European Football Odds

Skipping the basic steps of online football betting such as choosing a reputable bookmaker, registering as a member, and depositing funds, here is how to proceed once you access the bookmaker's sports section and see the betting interface. Select the league and match you want to bet on. If you are only interested in the 1X2 bet type, click on the Football > 1X2 section. All European odds will be displayed on the betting board:

Note: Odds at Soccer Tips – mSports are updated every second, so the image below may show different odds.

There are three betting options for players:

New York City FC to win

Columbus Crew to win

The match to end in a draw

Some Tips for Analyzing European Odds

Research Head-to-Head History: For new players, European odds are extremely easy to play and do not require much time for statistics. Betting on European odds gives you a 1/3 chance of winning as there are only three betting options. Incorporating premium soccer tips can further enhance your chances by providing valuable insights and strategies.

Analyze Team Performance: Even though it's easy to play, you should research information such as current form, team strength, recent match results, the importance of the match (promotion, relegation, quarter-finals, semi-finals, etc.), and head-to-head history to increase your chances of winning.


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