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Guitar Pro 6 Activation Key Offline

Guitar Pro 6 Activation Key Offline

Guitar Pro 6 is a software that allows you to create, edit, and play guitar tablatures. It also features realistic sound engines, effects, and various tools to help you improve your skills. However, to use Guitar Pro 6, you need to activate it with a valid license. In this article, we will show you how to activate Guitar Pro 6 offline if you cannot connect to the internet or the online activation server.

Steps to activate Guitar Pro 6 offline

  • Open Guitar Pro 6 and enter your User ID and Key ID. You can find these IDs in the confirmation email that you received after purchasing Guitar Pro 6.

  • Select "Offline activation". The software will generate a long key that is valid for this computer only. Now copy this long key to avoid mistakes.

  • At this point, you need a computer with internet access. Go to [this page] and paste your first offline key. Then click on "Validate".

  • A new key will be generated. Save this new key and go back to the computer where you generated the first offline key.

  • Open Guitar Pro 6 again and enter the two offline keys into the activation window. Then click on "Ok".

  • Congratulations! You have successfully activated Guitar Pro 6 offline!


If you encounter any problems during the offline activation process, here are some possible solutions:


  • Make sure that you entered your User ID and Key ID correctly. Do not include any empty spaces before or after the IDs.

  • Make sure that you copied and pasted the offline keys correctly. Do not modify or delete any characters in the keys.

  • Make sure that you used the same computer to generate and enter the offline keys. The keys are specific to each computer and cannot be used on another one.

  • If you still receive an error message saying that "the information you provided was generated for another computer", please contact [the support] and include a screenshot of your activation window showing the User and Key ID you entered.


This article was based on the following sources:

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