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The Advantages of Using GB WhatsApp APK for Android: Features, Tips and Tricks

What is GB WhatsApp APK A and why you should use it

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over two billion users. However, some people may find the official WhatsApp app too restrictive or boring, and may want to try something different. That's where GB WhatsApp APK A comes in.

GB WhatsApp APK A is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers more features, customisation options, and privacy controls than the original app. It is developed by Atnaf Hoaks, who has created several other mods of WhatsApp, such as YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp. GB WhatsApp APK A is not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, so you have to download it from a third-party website.

gb whatsapp apk a

But why should you use GB WhatsApp APK A instead of the official WhatsApp app? Well, there are many reasons, such as:

  • You can have two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, which is useful if you have a personal and a business number.

  • You can hide your online status, last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, typing notification, and recording notification from others.

  • You can send up to 90 images at once, instead of the usual 30.

  • You can send larger files, up to 100 MB for audio and video, and up to 50 MB for documents.

  • You can change the theme, font, icon, and layout of the app according to your preference.

  • You can use more emojis, stickers, and GIFs than the official app.

  • You can lock your chats with a password or a fingerprint.

  • You can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time or date.

  • You can delete messages for everyone even after hours or days.

  • You can broadcast messages to up to 600 contacts at once.

As you can see, GB WhatsApp APK A has many advantages over the official WhatsApp app. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as:

  • It is not an official app, so it may not be safe or secure to use.

  • It may violate the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, and may result in your account being banned or suspended.

  • It may not be compatible with some devices or operating systems.

  • It may not receive regular updates or bug fixes from the developer.

Therefore, you should use GB WhatsApp APK A at your own risk and discretion. If you are interested in trying out this modded version of WhatsApp, read on to find out how to download, install, and use it.

Features of GB WhatsApp APK A

GB WhatsApp APK A has many features that make it stand out from the official WhatsApp app. Here are some of them:

Customisable interface

One of the main attractions of GB WhatsApp APK A is that it allows you to customise the appearance and functionality of the app. You can choose from hundreds of themes, fonts, icons, and layouts that suit your style and mood. You can also change the colours of the chat bubbles, the notification bar, the status bar, and the background. You can even create your own theme and share it with others.

Advanced features

GB WhatsApp APK A also offers some advanced features that are not available on the official WhatsApp app. For example:

  • You can enable or disable voice calls and video calls for specific contacts or groups.

  • You can hide or show media files from your gallery or file manager.

  • You can copy or download other people's status updates or profile pictures.

  • You can see who is online or offline without opening the chat window.

  • You can send messages to unsaved numbers without adding them to your contacts.

  • You can translate messages from other languages to your language.

  • You can auto-reply to messages with predefined texts.

Extra functionalities

GB WhatsApp APK A also adds some extra functionalities that enhance your WhatsApp experience. For example:

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