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Unsplash Advanced Filter To Search Images By Color, Orientation, Luminance \/\/TOP\\\\

The second photo editing software developed by Corel is PaintShop Pro 2020. It aims to be an alternative to Photoshop and provides photo editing and graphic design tools. PaintShop Pro offers advanced tools for image editing such as geometric transformations, lens corrections, color, contrast, and white balance adjustments, layers and masks, selective edits, and support for RAW and HDR editing. In addition, it provides tools for creating artwork and artistic compositions as well as templates for collages, social media images, and web design.

Unsplash Advanced Filter to Search Images by Color, Orientation, Luminance

Polarr Photo Editor is free photo editing software for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and browsers. You can use it to adjust color, contrast, brightness, and details, apply filters and special effects, overlay textures and images with different exposures, remove noise and sharpen images, work with layers and masks to retouch images or create complex compositions, view histograms, and export images in different formats.


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