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Image by Mitchell Luo


You know how when you paddle up alongside another crew, everyone gets a bit competitive? Well now you can throw down a challenge. Every crew in the country is listed in a ladder, and if you are within ten places of another crew, you can challenge them to a race. Agree a distance or time - maybe a minute, maybe three - and any other rules you please (like whether it's a standing or rolling start). At the end, report the result on the website. If both crews report the same result, the table will update.

Every month there will be prizes - for crews that top each division (providing they haven't fallen to that position), for crew that have gained the most places, and for clubs that have gained the most places on aggregate. 

The whole thing is designed to be fun, and to give you a good reason - other than just training - to be out on the water. 

We have done our best to list as many crews as we can, going on the basis of published Head results. If you are in wildly the wrong place, you will soon get to the right level. If you have been left off, let us know and we will add you. And if you want to form a crew with friends and join the ladder, just tell us and we will include you.

We reserve the right to adjust the position of a crew that is obviously out of place (so if you form a scratch crew of former Olympians, you can't come in at the bottom and bump your way up through the field while winning all the prizes on the way!)

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